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NIMCET-2013 question paper with answers

CODE-C with answers

Analytical and Logical Reasoning

If the third day of the month falls on Friday, what day will be on the fourth day after twenty first of the month?
(a)Monday (b)Tuesday (c)Saturday (d)Thursday

Ana is a girl and has the same number of brothers as sisters. Andrew is a boy and has twice as many as sisters as brothers. Ana and Andrew are the children of Emma. How many children does Emma have?
(a)2 (b)3 (c)5 (d)7

A doctor said to his compounder "I go to see the patients at their residence after every 3 hours 30 minutes. I have already gone to the patient 1 hour 20 minutes ago and next time i shall go at 1.40PM." At what time this information was given to the compounder by the doctor?
(a)11.30AM (b)11.20AM (c)10.10AM (d)none of these

Which pair of numbers comes next in the following series?
42  40  38  35  33  31  28
(a)25  22 (b)26  23 (c)26  24 (d)25  23

Questions 55 to 57 are based on the following :
1. Anu is taller than Cini
2. Eenu is shorter than Binu
3. Anu is shorter than Dany
4. Eenu is taller than Anu

The best answer to "who is the tallest?" is
(a)Dany (b)Binu (c)Dany or Biny (d)Both Dany and Binu

Who is the shortest ?
(a)Cini (b)Anu or Cini (c)Eenu (d)Insufficient data to conclude

Which of the following statements would help to logically order the persons according to their heights ?
(a)Binu is 7 feet tall (b)Dany and Binu do not have equal height (c)Eenu is the tallest in the group (d)Dany is the tallest in the group

A train takes 18 seconds to pass completely through a station 162m long and 15 seconds through another station 120m long, at the same speed. What is the length of the train, in meters ?
(a)70 (b)80 (c)90 (d)100

In a row of children facing North, Shamika is third to the right of Nikhil, who is 17th from the right end of the row. Ravi is 5th to the left of Shamika and is 20th from the left end. Totally how many children are there in the row ?
(a)37 (b)38 (c)39 (d)none of these

Given that
1) Some apples are blackberries.
2) Some doughnuts are apples.
3) No coconut is doughnut.
4) All blackberries are coconuts.

which of the following statements is false ?
(a)Some blackberries are doughnuts (b)some coconuts are apples (c) All coconuts are not apples (d) All doughnuts are not coconuts

From the information given below :
A*B means A and B are of the same age
A-B means B is younger than A
A+b means A is younger than B

what does Sachin*Mohan-Ravi mean ?
(a)Sachin is youngest (b)Ravi is youngest (c)Sachin is oldest (d)Mohan is oldest

Jimmy saw the time while going to the tennis court. He saw the hour hand is 20 degree away from 4. After he returned from tennis court, he noticed that the hour hand is 20 degree away from 4. If he took ten minutes to go to tennis court and he walked at the same speed while going to the tennis court and while returning, how much time did he spent at the tennis court?
(a)60 minutes (b)80 minutes (c)70 minutes (d)50 minutes

There are 8 balls looking alike, seven of which have equal weight and one is lightly heavier. The weighing balance is of unlimited capacity. using this balance, the minimum number of weighing required to identify the heavier ball is
(a)1 (b)2 (c)3 (d)4

Question number 64 to 66 are based on the following :
1. In a family of 6 persons, there are two couples.
2. The lawyer is the head of the family and has two sons - Mukesh and Rakesh - both are teachers.
3. Mrs. Reena and her mother-in-law both are lawyers.
4. Mukesh's wife is a doctor and they have a son, Ajay.

Which of the following is definitely a couple ?
(a)Lawyer-Teacher (b)Doctor-Lawyer (c)Teacher-Teacher (d)none of these

What is the profession of Rakesh's wife ?
(a)Teacher (b)Doctor (c)Lawyer (d)can not be determined

What is/was Ajay's grandfather's occupation ?
(a)Teacher (b)Lawyer (c)Doctor (d)Can not be determined

Questions 67 to 69 are based on the following :
There are five persons A,B,C,D,E standing on six steps numbered 1,2,3,4,5,6 from the bottom. At most one person is standing on each Step. The step number on which A is standing, is two less than that of C. Step number on which B is standing is one more than that of D.

If A is standing on step 1, which of the following is true ?
(a)B is standing of step 2 (b)C is standing on step 4 (c)E is standing on step 3 (d)D is standing one step higher than C

If D is standing on step 1, on which step A could be standing ?
(a)2 or 4 only (b)3 or 5 only (c)3 or 4 only (d)4 or 5 only

If there are two steps in between the steps on which step A could be standing?
(a)3 (b)4 (c)5 (d)6

Questions 70 and 71 are based on the following :
1. All G's are H's
2. All G's are J's or K's
3. All J's and K's are G's
4. All L's are K's
5. All N's are M's
6. No M's are G's

If no P's are K's, Which of the following must be true ?
(a)All P's are J's (b)If any P is G, it is a J (c)No P is an H (d)If any P is an H, it is a G

Which of the following is inconsistent with one or more of the conditions ?
(a)All H's are G's (b)All H's that are not G's are M's (c)Some H's are both M's and G's (d)No M's are H's

Find the missing element in the series
A, CD, GHI, ... , UVWXY

In a code language FRIEND is coded as GTLISJ. Which of the following is coded as HWDVI in that language?

There are four brothers Alan, Bob, Carl and Dave. Dave is two years older than Bob.Bob is one year younger than Carl. Alan, who is 34, is two years younger than Carl. Who si the oldest ?
(a)Alan (b)Bob (c)Carl (d)Dave

Karan and Arjun run a 100 meters rave, where Karan beats Arjun by 10 meters. To do a favour to Arjun, karan starts 10 meters behind the starting line in a second 100 meter race. They both run at their earlier speeds. Which of the following is true in connection with the second race?
(a)Karan and Arjun reach the finishing line simultaneously (b)Arjun beats karan by 1 meter (c) arjun beats karan by 11 meters (d)Karan beats arjun by 1 meter

In a Cricket season, India defeated Australia twice. West Indies defeated India twice.Australia defeated West Indies twice. India defeated New Zealand twice and West Indies defeated New Zealand twice. Which country has lost most number of times?
(a)India (b)Australia (c)New Zealand (d)West Indies

Pointing to a woman, Nirmal said "She is the daughter of my wife's grandfather's only child." How is the woman related to Nirmal ?
(a)Wife (b)Sister-in-Law (c)Sister (d)none of these

questions 78 and 79 are based on the following :
A blacksmith has five iron articles A,B,C,D and E, each having a different weight.
1. A weighs twice as much as B
2. B weighs four and half times as much as C
3. C weighs half as much as D
4. D weighs half as much as E
5. E weighs less than A but more than C

which of the following article is heaviest in the weight ?
(a)A (b)B (c)C (d)D

Which of the following represents the descending order of weights of the articles?

Questions 80 to 82 are based on the following :
An employee has been assigned the task of allotting offices to six of the staff members. The offices are numbered 1-6. The offices are arranged in a row and they are separated from each other by six foot high dividers. hence voices, sounds and cigarette smoke flow easily from on office to another.
Miss Robert needs to use the telephone quite often throughout the day. Mr. mike and Mr. brown need adjacent offices as they need to consult each other often while working. Miss Hardy, is a senior employee and has to be allotted the office number 5, having the biggest window.
Mr. Donald requires silence in the offices next to his and Mr. Tim prefers to be as away as possible from miss Robert. Mr. Mike and Mr. Donald are all smokers. Miss Hardy finds tobacco somke allergic and consecutively the offices next to hers to be occupied by non-smokers. Unless specifically stated all the employees maintain an atmosphere of silence during office hours.

The Ideal candidate to occupy the office farthest from Mr. Brown would be
(a)Miss Hardy (b)Mr. Mike (c)Mr. Tim (d) Mr. Donald

The three employees who are smokers should be seated in the offices.
(a)1,2 and 4 (b)2,3 and 6 (c)1,2 and 6 (d)1,2 and 3

The ideal office for Mr. Mike would be
(a)2 (b)6 (c)1 (d)3

Questions 83 to 85 are based on the following :
There are three switches A,B and C which can be in ON/OFF position. Their settings change as per the following rules:
1. If A is the only switch as ON, change B to ON.
2. If A and B are only switches as ON, change C to ON.
3. If all three switches are ON, change C to OFF.
4. For all other situations, all switches in ON are changed to OFF and all switches in OFF are changed to ON.

If switches A and B are ON and C is OFF, their changed settings will be
(a)A ON, B OFF, C OFF (b)A ON, B ON, C ON (c)A ON, B OFF, C ON (d)A OFF, B ON, C OFF

If only B is ON, the changed setting will be
(a)A ON, B ON, C ON (b)A ON, B ON, C OFF (c)A ON, B OFF, C ON (d)A OFF, B OFF, C ON

If only B is ON in the changed setting, which of the following could have been the original setting ?
(a)A ON, B ON, C ON (b)A ON, B OFF, C ON (c)A OFF, B ON, C OFF (d)A OFF, B OFF, C ON

shyam is taller than pradeep and pradeep is as tall as Anurag. But Anand is shorter than Suresh, who is as tall as Anurag. If pradeep is taller than Praveen, who is the tallest of all?
(a)pradeep (b)praveen (c)suresh (d)shyam

When Rajeev was born his father was 32 years older than his brother and his mother was 25 years older than his sister. If Rajeev's brother is 6 years older than Rajeev and his mother is 3 years younger than his father, how old was Rajeev's sister when he was born ?
(a)15 years (b)14 years (c)7 years (d)10 years

Dhoni starts from his office at 8AM on a Sunday morning, travels 10KM towards west and then turns to his left and walks 8KM. Then he again turns to his left and walks 4KM and then stops. What is the shortest distance to his office from the point where he stopped?
(a)18KM (b)8KM (c)10KM (d)none of these

A treasure chest has less than 100 gold coins. The number of coins is
1. one more than a multiple of 3
2. two more than a multiple of 4
3. three more than a multiple of 5
4. four more than a multiple of 6
how many coins are there in the chest ?
(a)58 (b)88 (c)98 (d)38

Read the statements and then decide which of the conclusions are logically follow.
1. All mangoes are golden in color.
2. NO golden colored things are cheap.
1. All mangoes are cheap.
2. Golden colored mangoes are not cheap.

(a)only conclusion 1 follow (b)only conclusion 2 follow (c)either 1 or 2 follow (d) neither 1 nor 2 follow

General English

Choose the suitable word for the blank to make it a meaningful statement.
what you say is .......... my comprehension.
(a)before (b)beside (c)behind (d)beyond

Fill in the blank with a suitable preposition :
If you want to avoid traffic, you need to leave .......... 7.30AM.
(a)until (b)by (c)during (d)at

Choose the word that best expressed the meaning of the given idiom :
"to smell a rat"
(a)to suspect something bad (b)to misunderstand (c)to detect bad smell (d)to forsake

Out of the given alternatives, choose the word that best expresses the meaning of the given word ABRIDGE.
(a)judge (b)release (c)shorten (d)dissolve

"A dog's breakfast" means
(a)Breakfast cooked for a dog (b)breakfast cooked by a dog (c)something that has been done very badly (d)none of these

Out of the alternatives, choose the appropriate phrase to make the sentence meaningful.
If you had joint accounts with ........ who died, then you will be responsible for the bills.
(a)everybody (b)anyone (c)everyone (d)someone

Choose the analogy that is closed in meaning to the pair:
Diamond : Necklace
(a)Cars : roads (b)Flowers : Bouquet (c)Gold : Bangle (d)Books : Shop

Choose the suitable preposition for the blank to make a meaningful sentence.
Suresh is angry ........ his servant.
(a)about (b)on (c)by (d)with

Choose the correct alternative for the sentence below :
The Earth is always revolving round the Sun.
(a)The Earth revolves round the Sun (b)The Earth is revolving round the Sun (c)The Earth revolving round the Sun (d) none of these

Choose the word that best expresses the meaning of the given idiom :
"A close Shave"
(a)A clean shave (b)a narrow escape (c)a guarded secret (d)a sudden fall

Change the speech : She says,"I like going to the seaside."
(a)She says she likes going to the seaside (b)She says I like going to the seaside (c)She says that she liked going to the seaside (d)She says she like going to the seaside

Arrange the following to form a correct sentence
P : will normally be granted
Q : candidates should note
R : that no request for
S : change of centre

Rewrite the sentence after correcting the error :
She was one of the average student of the class.
(a)She was one of the average students of the class (b)She is one of the average student of the class (c)She was one among the average student of the class (d)She is an average students of the class

Choose appropriate words to form a grammatically correct sentence :
The Decoration of the new house, including the furniture and curtains ..............
(a)is more pleasing (b)are more pleasing (c)is most pleasing (d)are pleasing

Fill in the blank :
The President of the United States, accompanied by his advisors, ............. enroute to Europe.
(a)were (b)are (c)was (d)both (a) and (c)

Pick the part of the sentence that has an error :
My Elder brother is a MA whereas I am only a BA
(a)My elder brother (b)is a MA (c)whereas I am (d)only a BA

Choose the suitable phrasal verb for the blank in the sentence below.
I .......... my hopes when untimely rain threatened my crops.
(a)gave in (b)gave out (c)gave up (d)gave off

Out of the given alternatives, choose the word that is opposite in the meaning to the word : AFFLUENT
(a)Reluctant (b)Poor (c)Clear (d)Enthusiastic

Fill in the blank with appropriate form of noun :
Don't blame yourself, it's not your .......
(a)misunderstanding (b)error (c)slip (d)fault

Fill in the blank :
The instructor, along with the class, .......... angry about the room change.
(a)are (b)have (c)has (d)is

Computer Awareness

For reproducing sound, a CD audio player uses a
(a)Quartz crystal (b)Titanium needle (c)Barium ceramic (d)Laser Beam

When we open an internet site, we see www. What does www stand for ?
(a)world wide word (b)world wide web (c)world wide webinar (d)word widing works

All digital circuits can be realized by using only
(a)Exclusive OR gates (b)Half Adders (c)Multiplexers (d)OR gate

The Boolean function a + (a(note).b) is equivalent to
(a)a.b (b)a+b (c)a.b(note) (d)a(note)+b

The answer of the operation (10111)*(1110) in hex equivalent is
(a)150 (b)14C (c)142 (d)13E

The minimum number of bits to represent a character from ASCII code set is
(a)2 (b)8 (c)5 (d)7

A tautology is a Boolean formula that is always true. Which of the following is a tautology?

Acronym of EEPROM is
(a)Extended Erasable Programmable memory (b)Extended Erasable Read Only Memory (c)Extended Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory (d)Extended Erasable Page-Oriented Memory

Which of the following circuit is used as a memory device in computers ?
(a)Flip-Flop (b)Rectifier (c)Comparator (d)All of these

Convert the HexaDecimal number 4DF to its octal equivalent
(a)2333 (b)2337 (c)2773 (d)2373


  1. i need it
    there are two wrong 65 -c
    and 85 a please chek it out
    tell me how much marks is sufficient to get rank within 200 plz

  2. yes you are right 85 for b
    i have done 34/37 in resoning right and 20/24 in mathematics right and not done any question in eng and computer is there any possibility to get in.
    i can do much better but time is less than required

    1. There is always scarcity of time in competitive examinations.
      that's why i started attempting questions before the time and i was able to finish 16 questions till invigilator came and snatched my admit card.

  3. I have done 55/64 as correct/total.

  4. # NO, each question carries equal marks.
    Each correctly answered question will carry FOUR marks and each wrongly answered question will lead to NEGATIVE ONE mark.
    # In my view every NIT is best, what do you need from college, infrastructure, good faculty, placements. Then every NIT has all of these. At the end of the day, its your work that will pay you, not just the name of college.

    # and yes, I guess we'll get near 1000.
    if it is, then we are not getting in.
    I got rank 1200+something last year,that didn't do anything good to me.

  5. as i said i would have done 1 or 2 questions still i got rank card last time.
    may its because i still don't get zero.

  6. hi! I attempted 82 questions out of which 76 are correct can u plz tell me what rank I might get!!

    1. How many of those are maths questions ?

      your chance of getting admission in one of the NIT looks good.

    2. I attemted 28/30 maths ,24/28 reasoning ,18/18 English,6/6 comp awareness.

      and ur ans to English ques 92 and 99 are incorrect they wii be B and A plz check

    3. hey can u tell me which one is better for mca nit kurukshetra or ip university main campus (usit)?

    4. JAM
      Ip university
      Punjab university cet

    5. wow....
      you are sure to get campus.

      and you should have applied for pune instead of JAM and tezpur university.
      pune is top university for mca, just check the syllabus and you will know the class of university.

  7. Hey i have done 72 questions out of which 62 are correct. frm which i attmpted 18 maths quetions and 16 are correct.. plzz tel can i expect a good rank in NIT .?

  8. Honestly I am no expert, just a student like you who appeared in NIMCET.

    still I think you would get less than 750.

  9. I tell you all something that might help.

    Last year i attempted near 60 questions, from them only 1 or 2 questions were attempted from maths, i didn't check but i think half of my questions were sure to be incorrect. Still i got 1232 rank in open category.

    but i'm unable to guess rank this time as this year question paper was much much easier than last time or any former nimcet exam.

  10. Mine is 468(411)marks ... Do u think i can get NIT kuk ?

    1. though my guesses are going pathetically wrong, still i think you have a chance, 424 seats are available, some of them in the middle will be categorial students, some of them i hope would fail in final semester exams,some of the top rankers would opt for other institutes.
      and there you are in NIT KUK.

  11. though my guesses are going pathetically wrong, still i think you have a chance, 424 seats are available, some of them in the middle will be categorial students, some of them i hope would fail in final semester exams,some of the top rankers would opt for other institutes.
    and there you are in NIT KUK.

  12. to akshay : I can't post it now, as i have moved from the place where i have that question paper.
    I will post it near 25th aug

  13. what happens when i got minus mark for maths ????